We’re excited to announce a chance for teams and families to purchase group tickets (20 or more) for a Tampa Bay Rays game during the upcoming World Series week. Home games for the Rays that week include:

  • Tue, May 2nd 6:40 – vs. Pittsburgh Pirates
  • Wed, May 3rd 6:40 – vs. Pittsburgh Pirates
  • Thu, May 4th 1:10 – vs. Pittsburgh Pirates
  • Fri, May 5th 6:40 – vs. New York Yankees
  • Sat, May 6th 4:10 – vs. New York Yankees
  • Sun, May 7th 1:40 – vs. New York Yankees

*note: HWSA is not affiliated with the Tampa Bay Rays organization and receives no commission or benefit from tickets purchased. We present this simply as an opportunity to save some money and get large volumes of seats together, in case teams/families are interested in attending a game…