For decades, the winners of the Homeschool World Series have received medals indicating their status as national champions. At the Opening Ceremony of the 2024 Tournament, the HWSA board of directors unveiled the new award that national champions will receive beginning this year – national championship rings.

Capped with red & white stones in the shape of a baseball, the rings also highlight the HWSA logo and a 2024 logo on either side, and the title “National Champions” emblazoned on the top of the ring. The 21 teams who’ve made the trip to Florida to compete this year already had plenty of motivation, but this juices it even more!

Not only does the winning team get their name etched on the Hendricks Cup to memorialize their championship, but now each and every player and coach on the team will take home a ring they can be proud of to remind them of their accomplishment as well. Let’s play some baseball!

The 2024 HWSA World Series Division 1 Champions will receive these rings instead of medals as in previous years.

A banner displaying the new rings is unveiled during the 2024 opening ceremonies in Auburndale, Florida on Monday, April 29th, 2024.