Our Purpose

Photos by Defining Moment

The Homeschool World Series Association (HWSA) is a nonprofit corporation (501-c3) formed in April 2000 when a group of six homeschool baseball program leaders united to hold the first of what would become an annual national homeschool baseball championship. They were led by Larry Cochran (Houston, TX), the association’s first president through 2006, and the namesake of our first trophy, the Cochran Cup. Chuck Hendricks (Dallas, TX), a board member since 2001, became the president in 2006 and served alongside his wife Becky a total of 20 years until retiring in 2020, at which point the tournament inaugurated a new trophy, the Hendricks Cup. From six teams in the first year, the event has expanded to annually feature around two dozen teams. More than 60 programs from 20 different states have competed through the years.


A Different Kind of Baseball

Photos by Defining MomentOur society twists “winning” into the only meaningful goal for athletic effort. Instead, we encourage players to see baseball as a chance to work hard to develop their God-given abilities to the fullest, to learn that they can expand their ability with dedicated effort. We encourage them to see baseball as an opportunity to build the bonds of teamwork, to learn the power of lifting others up after failure, and to see that joy is multiplied when it is shared. Our hope is that this tournament serves as a great opportunity for them to hustle and work hard “as unto the Lord”, doing their best on the field against likeminded teams, pushing each other to the highest levels of play. Our prayer is that the Homeschool World Series is an event that is honoring to God, and family-friendly for all who attend.