The HWSA board of directors is excited to announce the addition of a unique opportunity for Division III players beginning at the 2022 World Series…

We are creating an ‘All-Tournament’ game to be played on Championship Saturday; the rosters for which will be made up of players voted in for this honor by their teams after their final games on Friday. The coaching staffs for the game will be from the Division III champions and runners-up.

The game will represent a great opportunity for the players and their families, but also for their teammates to watch them compete in an ‘all-star’ format. The game will be held (and live-streamed with play-by-play commentators) on Stadium Field Saturday morning at 9a.

It’s another great reason to attend this year’s Homeschool World Series! Details are on the Tournament Schedule page.

* We will need at least 4 Division III teams in the bracket in order to make this game work. We had 7 teams in the division last year, so we’re optimistic that we’ll reach this level in 2022.