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Announcing Next Year's Tournament Dates and Location:

HWSA Championships 2011

May 2-7, 2011


Lake Myrtle Sports Complex

905 Myrtle Park Drive
Auburndale, Florida 33823


Atlanta GGC Barons Squeak by Dallas HSAA Angels in Championship Thriller, 7-6, in 9 Innings

***Barons Retain Cochran Cup***


2010 Final Bracket Results

2010 Tournament Report & All-American Players



HWSA World Series Photo Highlights & Order Information:

Defining Moment Photography


November 2010: HWSA Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic

Fields and Facilities


Game Results 2010

Monday, April 26

Tuesday, April 27

Thursday, April 29

Friday, April 30

Saturday, May 1

Pool A

Nashville Monarchs def. Huntsville, 9-8

Huntsville Falcons def. Chattanooga, 9-2


Pool B

Atlanta Barons def. Jackson Victors, 20-0

Atlanta Barons def. Raleigh Hawks, 16-5


Pool C

Dallas Angels def. Belton Chargers, 7-3

Dallas Angels def. Waukesha Saints, 3-2


Pool D

Peachtree City Citadels def. Charlotte, 7-4

Raleigh Warriors def. Charlotte, 7-2


Pool E

Atlanta Knights def. Tulsa Jaguars, 11-7

Northside Falcons def. Tulsa Jaguars, 13-0


Pool F

Montgomery Saints def. SW Dallas, 17-2

Spring Mustangs def. Montgomery, 12-0


Pool G

Baton Rouge def. Ft Worth Riders, 6-3

Augusta Crusaders def. Houston Eagles, 8-0

Richmond Patriots def. Baton Rouge, 17-2

Houston Eagles def. Ft Worth Riders, 7-3











Pool A

Chattanooga Patriots def. Nashville Monarchs, 13-3


Pool A (Tie-Breaker Game)

Chattanooga Patriots def. Nashville, 6-2


Pool B

Jackson Victors def. Raleigh Hawks, 9-7


Pool C

Belton Chargers def. Waukesha Saints, 9-1


Pool D

Raleigh Warriors def. Peachtree City Citadels, 7-2


Pool E

Atlanta Knights def. Northside Falcons,


Pool F

Spring Mustangs def. Dallas Spartans, 6-5


Pool G

Augusta Crusaders def. Richmond, 11-0














Silver Division (1st Round)

Nashville Monarchs (bye)

Charlotte Stampede def. Dallas Spartans, 9-1

Waukesha Saints def. Raleigh Hawks, 14-3

Tulsa Jaguars def. Ft Worth Riders, 8-7



Atlanta Barons def. Baton Rouge, 4-1

Augusta Crusaders def. Jackson Victors, 15-0

Dallas Angels def. Montgomery Saints, 11-5

Raleigh Warriors def. Belton Chargers, 4-2

Houston Eagles def. Spring Mustangs, 12-2

Atlanta Knights def. Houston Falcons, 8-7

Chattanooga Patriots def. Huntsville, 3-1

Peachtree City Citadels def. Richmond, 9-4


Gold Division (1st Round)

Baton Rouge def. Richmond Patriots, 4-3

Houston Falcons def. Montgomery, 13-3

Huntsville Falcons def. Jackson Victors, 7-2

Spring Mustangs def. Belton Chargers, 9-8


Platinum (Champs) Division (1st Round)

Atlanta Barons def. Peachtree City, 16-6

Dallas Angels def. Atlanta Knights, 11-0

Augusta Crusaders def. Chattanooga, 16-6

Houston Eagles def. Raleigh Warriors, 11-6













Platinum (Champs) Division (2nd Round)

Atlanta Barons def. Houston Eagles, 12-6 (Semifinals)

Dallas Angels def. Augusta Crusaders, 7-3 (Semifinals)

Raleigh Warriors def. Peachtree City Citadels, 14-9

Atlanta South Knights def. Chattanooga Patriots, 11-9


Gold Division (2nd Round)

Spring Mustangs def. Baton Rouge, 17-1 (Semifinals)

Huntsville Falcons def. Northside Falcons, 14-4 (Semifinals)

Montgomery Saints def. Jackson Victors, 10-4

Richmond Patriots def. Belton Chargers, 16-6


Silver Division (2nd Round)

Charlotte Stampede def. Nashville Monarchs, 8-3 (Semifinals)
Tulsa Jaguars def. Waukesha Saints, 9-1 (Semifinals)
Raleigh Hawks def. SW Dallas Spartans, 8-2

Ft Worth Riders def. Raleigh Hawks, 11-6














Platinum (Champs) Division

Chattanooga Patriots def. Peachtree City, 9-7
(7th Place Game)


Raleigh Warriors def. Atlanta Knights, 6-5
(5th Place Game)


Augusta Crusaders def/ Houston Eagles, 10-0
(3rd Place Game)


Atlanta Barons def. Dallas Angels, 7-6 (9)  (Championship)


Gold Division

Belton Chargers def. Jackson Victors, 24-4
(7th Place Game)


Richmond Patriots def. Montgomery Saints, 10-0
(5th Place Game)


Houston Falcons def. Baton Rouge Patriots, 7-2
(3rd Place Game)


Huntsville Falcons def. Spring Mustangs, 5-2  (Championship)


Silver Division

Ft Worth Riders def. SW Dallas Spartans, 15-0
(5th Place Game)


Waukesha Saints def. Nashville Monarchs, 15-10
(3rd Place Game)


Tulsa Jaguars def. Charlotte Stampede, 8-1  (Championship)




Tournament Information (Coaches, Please Read!)

Pre-Tournament Pool Play Seeding

23-Team Bracketing System (6 pages)

Tournament Rules

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Area Attractions, Restaurants, and Shopping

Accommodations 2010: Please Click & Read

Lake Myrtle night.JPG

Lake Myrtle Sports Complex
905 Myrtle Park Drive
Auburndale, Florida 33823
(863) 534-2500

Standard Driving Directions to Lake Myrtle Sports Complex

Use These Special Driving Directions to Avoid Paying Tolls


Ex-HWSA Pitchers Selected by MLB Teams in June Draft


HWSA World Series Photo Highlights & Order Information:

Defining Moment Photography


HWSA World Series Internet Broadcast Archives:


2010 HWSA Baseball Participating Teams

Alabama Oklahoma
Huntsville, AL CCA Falcons Tulsa, OK NOAH Jaguars
Montgomery, AL Saints  
Georgia Chattanooga Patriots
Atlanta, GA GGC Barons Nashville, TN (Middle Tennessee) Monarchs
Atlanta, GA (South) Knights  
Augusta, GA CSRA Crusaders Texas
Peachtree City, GA Home Plate Citadels Belton, TX (Central Texas) Chargers
  Dallas, TX HSAA Angels
  Fort Worth, TX THESA Riders
Louisiana Houston, TX HCYA Eagles
Baton Rouge, LA CHEF Patriots Northside Houston, TX Falcons
  Southwest Dallas Spartans
  Spring, TX MtB Mustangs
Jackson, MS Victors Virginia
  Richmond, VA CVHAA Patriots
North Carolina  
Charlotte Stampede  
Raleigh, NC WCHS Warriors Wisconsin
Raleigh, NC Hawks Waukesha, WI (Milwaukee) SWCHA Saints


If you represent a homeschool varsity baseball team, we want to meet you!

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2010 - 2011 HWSA Board Members

Seated (L-R): Cindy Stephenson; Brenda Irwin; Judy Coneby; Melanie Morris; Becky Hendricks

Standing (L-R): Robert Stephenson; Dave Irwin; Keith Coneby; Craig Morris; Chuck Hendricks


HWSA Alumni News


Click Here to Check Out the List of Past HWSA Players Who Took Their Game to the "Next Level"

(August 2010)


If you represent a homeschool varsity baseball team, we want to meet you!

Please contact the Administrator.


Matt Betsill, Ex-HWSA Player, Released by Twins Organization

(June 2008)

Dennis Winn, Ex-HWSA Player, Signs Minor League Contract with Philadelphia Phillies

(June 2008)

World Series Baseball Reports:

World Series Report 2010 (Auburndale)

Final Brackets (Auburndale)

Meet HWSA's 2010-2011 Leaders


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