Covid-19 Guidelines

A Note on COVID-19

There is an inherent possibility of exposure to COVID-19 in any public place where people are present. Registering teams and families agree to enhanced health and safety measures as directed by tournament staff and the Lake Myrtle Sports Complex. Our precautions includes these:

  • We will limit participants in the coaches’ meeting Sun. evening to 2 per team. As this is an indoor meeting, we ask that you wear a mask if your health situation makes that possible; face shields are another option
  • Social distancing is encouraged wherever possible; we encourage families to sit in their own chairs
  • Masks are encouraged where social distancing is challenging (bathrooms, proximity in stands, in line at concessions, etc.), if your health situation makes that possible; face shields are another option
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be setup throughout the complex (in dugouts, outside each set of stands, bathrooms, in the umpire changing room)
  • Clorox wipes will be provided in each restroom stall; we will ask everyone to wipe the toilet/flush lever after use
  • Dugouts will be cleaned between teams; teams with back-to-back games on the same field will remain in the same dugout, regardless of Home/Visitor
  • Lake Myrtle Park will not be providing water coolers this year; we’ve ordered souvenir sports bottles for players’ and coaches’ individual use
  • No high-five lineup after games this year
  • Prior to traveling to the tournament, teams will be asked to confirm that all attending players and coaches have been free for 14 days from illness symptoms and exposure to anyone with COVID, OR have tested negative for COVID after symptoms/exposure in that timeframe


The City of Auburndale, Polk County, and the HWSA Board of Directors thank you for understanding that these precautions are enabling us to hold this tournament. See you there!