One key function of the HWSA Board is to monitor and optimize the rules and processes for the tournament based on feedback from participating teams and families, as well as changing rules in the game. In this way we evolve the tournament experience to continue to maximize fairness in competition, efficiency in operation, and alignment with the homeschool baseball community we serve.


For the 2023 tournament, the HWSA Board has approved these rule and process changes:


  1. In pool games only, extra innings will begin with a base-runner on 2nd base (the player in the batting order just before the first hitter due up to bat that inning). If that runner should score, the run is scored as unearned.
  2. Electronic scoring systems are allowed for the home team “official” scorebook, if they support pitch-by-pitch tracking. Note: if the home team’s system should experience any technical issues, the official book will switch to the visiting team’s scorekeeper.
  3. Programs which finished in Division I the previous year but are unseeded in the current year’s pools (if any) and the previous year’s Division II winner will be given an option to select their team’s pool slot prior to the random draw at the coaches’ meeting. These selections will be made in the order of their previous year’s finish.
  4. There are a variety of birthday cutoff dates in use in the states from which we draw programs for determining school-year age for sports eligibility. To better align with the majority of these guidelines, the birthday cutoff date is being changed from September 1st to July 1st. i.e. a player must be at least 13 and not over 18 as of July 1st the previous summer to be eligible to be rostered for the HWSA. All of our other existing eligibility requirements remain unchanged. Note: for 2023, alongside these guidelines, players who were eligible under the previous cutoff date remain eligible.


These changes will also be printed in the tournament program book and reflected in our rules & process materials on the website. Please contact us if you have any questions about these changes or their implementation.


We’ll see you in beautiful Auburndale, FL for Opening Ceremonies on May 1st at 9am…!