THURSDAY: Bracket Play Begins
Published on May 5, 2022

Bracket play begins on Thursday. Here’s what’s at stake for each team.

Q Game Replays

The Charlotte Stampede and Tulsa Jaguars both came out of pool undefeated. On Tuesday they dropped games to the Fort Worth Riders and Winston-Salem Hawks respectively. A 1-1 team beating a 2-0 in Q games triggers a “Q Game Replay.” This morning, Charlotte will face off against Fort Worth and Tulsa will take on Winston-Salem, both do or die matchups where the winner will advance to Division I bracket play while the loser will head to Division II.

Division 1 Quarterfinal Matchups for Thursday

Once teams secure a berth in Division 1, they are three wins away from taking home the Hendricks cup. That journey starts today.

(1) Raleigh Warriors vs. (8) Dallas Angels

(2) Carrolton Storm vs. (7) winner of Charlotte/Fort Worth

(3) St. Louis Patriots vs. (6) winner of Tulsa/Winston-Salem

(4) Houston Falcons vs. (5) Richmond Patriots

Division 2

Teams that are eliminated from championship contention through Q games will head to compete for the division 2 title. Current quarterfinal matchups:

(1) Austin vs. (8) Houston Thunder

(2) Loser of Charlotte/Fort Worth vs. (7) Nashville Monarchs

(3) Loser of Tulsa/Winston-Salem vs. (6) Houston Eagles

(4) Fairfax Hawks vs. Ellis County Eagles